Registration with ISO/TS16949

ISO/TS16949 is an ISO Technical Specification which aligns existing US, German, French and Italian automotive quality system standards within the global automotive industry. ISO/TS16949 includes the QS-9000, the standard of the quality assurance system for the automotive  industries developed by the Big 3(Daimler-Chrysler, Ford Motors and General Motors) based on ISO9001.
ISO/TS16949 specifies the quality system requirements for the design/ development, production, installation and servicing of automotive-related products.

We have been registered with QS-9000 and ISO9001:1994 since December, 1997.
In addition, we have upgraded to ISO/TS16949 since February, 2006.
Our affiliates in Japan, Fuji Technos, Fuji Controls and Fuji Precision have been also registered with the standards.

We have been registered with such international and strict standards as ISO/TS16949: because of the reliability on our quality management and products established since the time of the foundation.

The management and all employees will continuously strive to improve the quality of our products and services in order to satisfy the customers.

ISO/TS16949 Certificate
ISO/TS16949 Certificate